All in due time

All in due time

 Since we have left on our trip, I had been struggling with staying in the present moment, trusting that even though I did not have all the answers yet, it was gonna be all right. I forgot all of that and I was having a crappy time. Traveling with kids is a challenge in itself, and so I was trying to stay balanced between my fears and worries, the stress of moving around with a family, and the multiple unforeseen events. In short, I was kinda wondering if I had made a huge mistake, leaping off that cliff.

 And then on my morning walk/meditation, the Universe showed me what was coming for me, and it came in like a lightning bolt (so much so that I had to stop walking to let it in, and I looked like a crazy lady in a trance, in a middle of a street). They showed me working in a retreat center somewhere, and the light there was amazing. That image came with a message:  stop worrying, you’re taken care of.”  And I finally got it; Spirit has an amazing plan for me, and until it comes to life, I just need to relax, enjoy life and know that no matter what, I will be taken care of.

 And so I am not writing this post to brag (I have a PLAAAAAN!), but to remember it when I start doubting again. And hopefully, to remind you too that you also have an awesome divine plan in store (doesn”t matter if it’s big or small, they are matter). If you are open to it, if you agree to let it unfold based on the Universe’s agenda, it can be truly breathtaking.

 Until then, have fun, relax and stop worrying so much 🙂