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My Role

My role is to transmit messages from your Spirit Guides, to help you understand your life path, uncover what you are meant to learn or achieve in this life, to ultimately live your best life. I do not predict the future, as we all shape our path from our current actions (or lack thereof).

What you can expect from a private session with me

Each session is unique and I never know in advance how it will unfold (keeps things exciting!). The most “successful” sessions are when the client is involved in the process and approaches a session with an open mind, without rigid expectations. Then the magic can really happen!

However, one thing is for sure ; the Spirit Guides always share the information or advice that you need (in their opinion) at this point on your path. You can ask all the questions you want; I encourage an interactive session as it is your moment to connect with you divine team and with yourself.

To give a bit of an idea, a session may be an opportunity for you to:

  • Connect and communicate with your Guides,
  • Discover or understand your gifts,
  • Understand what your life path is, what you came here to learn and live
  • Discover what would make you truly happy,
  • Let go of past limitations and experiences,
  • Clean and clear your energy
  • Receive message from your divine team

I see myself as one of the multiple resources that can help you on your life path; my services should never be a crutch for somebody’s wellbeing and evolution. For that reason, I never do “emergency” sessions.

Format of a Session

As I am traveling around the world with my family (and coincidently living my best life), all the sessions are done via phone (or Skype when Internet is available). The information is exactly the same whether I am in the same room or across the world. And the best part, you can stay in your PJ’s and slippers; I won’t even know it!

You can record your session without a problem but it is the client’s sole responsibility to make sure it works out to his satisfaction, as I am technologically challenged.

Are we meant to work together?

If what you read about me resonates with you, it’s a good sign (happy dance). As for me, my ideal clients are looking to connect with their divine team in a lightful, positive, and open minded way. They want to work on themselves, improve, and have fun doing it. But most of all, they are not expecting me to be a crutch but rather a facilitator, helping them to expand, connect, and confirm that the path they are on is leading to their best life.

Ethics and Philosophy

Each person’s life path is different. As a result, the tools differ depending on their path, needs and goals. I share my tools without imposing them and I encourage each person to explore all avenues in order to discover what resonates the most for them.

Channelling is group work, mostly between the client and their team of Guides. My role is to channel without judgment or attempting to influence the client’s reflection. I consider it much easier to learn when one does it oneself. What’s more, if I were the only one doing the work, you would be bored!

Each session takes place in light and good humour. The Guides and Beings of Light that appear are carefully selected so that only beneficial and loving messages are transmitted.

The teachings and guidance received during channelling should never replace a person’s free will. Receiving suggestions is a good thing, but it is important to make one’s own choices based on one’s human experience and what makes sense for one’s Self.

Channelling does not replace traditional medical consultation (whether physical or psychological). I will never recommend stopping medical supervision in favour of consultation with me.

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