Can I have a private session even if I’m not in Canada?

Yes, I can do readings all over the world via Skype or the phone. Just give me your phone number or the Skype name and I will contact you at the time of the session.

Will my deceased loved one come through?

My main role is to channel Spirit Guides and usually a session covers topics that helps you lead your best life, such as your career, relationships, and your personal life. Sometimes a deceased loved one will come through, but it’s not my specialty, so if that’s the primary reason you’re getting a reading, you may benefit from going to someone who specializes in mediumship.

Will the conversation be confidential?

Yes, I will not share the reading with anyone else. It stays between you, me and the Guides.

Can I record the reading?

Of course! Just remember that sometimes technology can fail, so I suggest you take notes as a back up because I don’t remember the sessions after (I am not in a trance, I just have a terrible memory).

How long is the wait time for a reading?

It varies. The usual wait time is about 2-3 weeks but I sometimes have cancellations that can allow me to book you faster.

Do you do in-person readings?

No, the readings are done via phone or Skype only. It is much easier for everyone involved when done that way (no need for you to rush to my office or even find a parking spot… you can stay in your pyjamas at home or do the session during your lunch hour easily). This way of channeling has not been a problem for my past clientele but if it turns out that you don’t like the format after we started, we can stop and cancel the session within the first few minutes of the conversation.

Can me and my partner share a reading?

From my experience, people speak more freely when they are alone. Therefore, It’s better that only one person be present during each reading so that information is free to flow without censorship.

What if I need to cancel my reading?

You can cancel without a problem up to 24 hours prior to the session. However, if the cancelation is less than 24 hours before, there will be a small fee (30$). If you make an appointment and you don’t “show up for it”, I will wait 15 minutes and thereafter will conclude that the session is canceled. I do not refund for missed appointments, unfortunately.

When do I pay for my session?

The payment is expected prior the appointment, usually 24 hours before the session.

How do I give a reading as a gift?

First make sure your friend or loved one really wants a reading. Then, you can purchase the gift certificate using my website, in the Shop section. You’ll get an email back with further instructions and you can just forward that to your gift recipient and they can book the reading from there.

Will you tell me something negative?

My goal is for you to have a great time connecting with your divine team. If something negative is happening in your life, my role is to transmit what your Guides are suggesting to turn it into a positive situation. I am not into scaring people, issuing judgement and making people feel guilty, and there is absolutely no need to worry about negative entities or curses. It’s not my jam. I like happy, positive and lightful sessions. However, if the client happens to have a lower vibration hanging around, we will clear it without drama, at no extra charges (but it rarely happens, so no worries).

Which currency are your prices in?

All prices are in Canadian dollars.