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My name is Marie-Pierre and I am passionate about everything to do with people’s personal evolution and life path (including my own!).

It’s hard to express who we are within a few lines, but I will try! I’m a cancer butt kicker (Hodgkin’s), a burnout survivor, host of the television show De Lumiere et d’Être on TV Rogers Ottawa, a monthly spiritual and wellness “expert” on the television show Entre-Nous and a weekly columnist on the radio show “Le bonheur qui mijote (94.5 fm). I’m also an author, speaker and the proud mama of three gorgeous messy boys.

Oh, and I channel Spirit Guides for a living.

Now that you have a better idea of who I am, let’s get serious (but not too much!). For as long as I can remember, I have felt that behind every recurring difficulty lies a lesson that is waiting to be freed through awareness. This is why I firmly believe that once this lesson is completely assimilated, we no longer have to confront similar situations that may incessantly recur in our lives.

Having to confront a number life experiences – cancer at 24 years old, several miscarriages and a massive burn-out at 30 years old, followed by a 6 months remission – led me to realize that a major change was in order. I knew I had to learn something… but WHAT???

It took a long time, but I finally got the message!

These experiences were no picnic (indeed, I would never want to live through them again), but they were life-changing and allowed me to start on a great opening of consciousness for which, to this day, I remain extremely grateful.

To sum up what I came to understand:

By facing the possibility of leaving this life before having truly lived it, I realized that I was not living fully. I was happy, but I was not letting myself BE who I truly am, simply because I did not know who I truly was. By turning my attention inside myself, my life path became clearer, allowing me to set aside the illusion of what a successful life “should” be (glittering career, a big pension, a house in order, perfect children, etc.).

On that “perfect” life on paper, I was not aligned with what made me the most happy (a great pension is not usually a great source of passion!). What ignites me and makes me fizzle inside is to be of service; to help others find their passion, live their best life and ultimately connect with their true selves and get to know their divine team for extra support.

And yet, the notion that I may have gifts that would enable me to better travel my life’s path was not even on my radar until I was 30 years old. I had at times had certain “impressions”, but they were so subtle that I never paid them any attention. Having gifts of any sort was for others (the lucky ones)!

Boy, was I wrong.

By returning to the Source that moves me, I returned to my essence and to that which makes me happy. Through many trials and errors, my gifts started to manifest, allowing me to set myself to an awesome cause; that of channelling the Beings of Light to help those who also seek to find their path and return to their true selves.

All of this made me realize that I had big changes to make, in order to live my best life (even though it scared the crap of me). But that leap of faith was well worth it, as I now have the joy and privilege to channel messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and various Beings of light.

Without a doubt, I have the best job in the world.

So if like me, you just know deep down that your life can be ridiculously amazing and borderline (or completely) magical, give me a shout!

I look forward to meeting you!

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