In the beginning, channeling for me was something very serious.

I’m usually a person who enjoys laughing and joking around, but when it came to connecting with my Spirit Guides, I was in let’s-be-serious mode.  I’m not sure why, but somehow I had convinced myself that to connect well, I absolutely needed a whole array of tools and rituals. I would sage the room, light at least three candles, call in my Guides, say a prayer of protection, etc. By the time I was actually channeling, I was exhausted…!    

And the more I was trying new rituals to make things better, the more something was bothering me: 

 1) How come even though I was consistent with my tools and rituals, the less I was connecting fluidly?
2) And why did I receive information even when I was not trying to connect, without doing any rituals?  

I had complicated the task of connecting, because I was scared of not being able to connect with my team when I would actually need to. And to make things worse, I was also a worried about possible attacks from negative entities some people were warning me about. All in all, I wasn’t having much fun and my connection wasn’t getting any better. 

So I decided to ditch everything that made channeling arduous. From now on, I would only do what resonated with me.

Turns out, freeing myself from these restraints restored my excitement in channeling. (Did I mention that I had become less motivated, just thinking of all the stages before I would actually connect?) 

I also decided not to suppress my personality during channelings. In my seriousness, I was under the impression that I should to listen to Snatam Kaur all day long. I should be super zen at all time and thus better able to connect. When in fact, I channel better when I’m happy. Of course, listening to Snatam Kaur makes me happy, but I also like cheesy pop music and I am not hiding my love for the Backstreet Boys anymore. 🙂

So there you go: I think simplicity is the basis for any tools or rituals. As long as you do what you feel like, you can’t go wrong. If you want to light up 32 white candles, go for it! Just do what speaks to you. 

Happy connection!