The Ebb and Flow of Spiritual Evolution

The Ebb and Flow of Spiritual Evolution

There are moments in my life (and maybe yours) when everything seems to be going perfectly smooth and then… nothing.

I began to notice these moments of “nothingness” about 4 years ago, when I became aware of my gifts. For a while, I would feel all kinds of things and connect to a whole bunch of information, and then it would come to a halt.

These episodes continued when I started channeling professionally, but a new component was added. When I began to break through in my domain, to be known and to work on a regular basis, it was a great feeling. “Finally, I’ve made it” I thought. And then, from nowhere, the clientele would slow down and the appointments would become scarce. At first, I was a little panicky, to a point that I would not even appreciate these moments of quietness.
I was pretty much just focused on the fact that the demand for my services fluctuated between the weeks, and forgot to acknowledge that it could be a good thing. 

As these episodes came and went, I realized that these periods are extremely beneficial for my personal growth or to improve on my channeling abilities. I became aware that since these periods of calm are in fact pretty much uncontrollable, I should take advantage of the positive aspects they are bringing with them.  

I also (reluctantly) realized that the busy weeks are great, that’s for sure, but also very demanding.  I would get a little less centered while running around trying to survive a crazy busy week, while taking care of my family.
And the more I acquire experience, the clearer I can see that it is a cycle which repeats continuously. There are weeks when I am super booked and others where it slows down. But it always comes back a little crazy, in due time.
It is the same thing with my gifts. There are periods when it is going fast and it’s truly awesome feeling completely connected; information is fluid and easily accessible. When that slows down, I focus on integrating what I learned the previous weeks. It allows me to go with the flow, and be ready for the next wave. Several of my clients noticed the same thing; periods of great connection and then, it slows down. So when it happens, just remember, you didn’t loose your touch, you’re just getting ready for the next phase of your growth. 


Have a great week!