The Fiber of Positivity

The Fiber of Positivity

During a session, a very nice client told me that he liked the way I looked at life.  According to him, I take what is positive in a situation and toss aside the rest. I found that analogy pretty funny, but it also made me reflect on my ways. I thought about that positive fiber, which I seem to have since I was a kid.

I thought about those moments of my life, when I had to deal with difficult challenges. I reflected on what lessons I learned in those moments, but more importantly, what I chose to remember. 

Of the year I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (a cancer of the lymphatic system), I have very specific memories. Of course I remember some of the suffering, but what really stuck with me is how I didn’t have enough vases for all the flower people sent me. I also remember how my husband told me to choose a country, where we would travel after the chemo treatments. 

I picked Thaïland, just to freak out my family! 

But most of all, I will never forget how my husband’s extended family raised funds to help pay for our groceries or the unconditional love and support of my friends and family.

On the day I was told we were expecting twins, I don’t remember the fear but rather the excitement. One of my first thoughts was that my husband would have to agree on buying a minivan after all! (He wanted to wait until we had two kids! I won!) I also realized I was so alive and healed from the cancer, that I was able to give birth to two babies at once. Amazing!

And when I struck a wall three years later, with a burn-out, I can recall my husband’s support, who had to take care of our kids on his own, with a smile on his face 😉
I don’t pretend that my life has been tougher than anybody else, on the contrary. But these curve balls from life helped me understand that shit is sometimes inevitable. But in those moments, I choose to focus on the light-full moments that feed my soul and soften the blows.

Therefore, I make (most of the time) a conscious choice of accepting the gifts life gives me, even if it’s sometimes wrapped in a thorny wrapping paper!  

And you, how do you smile through your challenges? 

Have a good day!